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Saucer of milk for table 3!

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"Miaow... Waiter! Saucer of milk for table 3, please!"

This community has been set up for the express purpose of bitching, but with one proviso: At least try to do it wittily. This is not supposed to be a place where flame wars rage, fuelled by the frothing of witless wonders. It is a place where members can sharpen their knives and attack the demons that plague them.

I heartily advise against posts that run along the lines of: "****** smells. I don't like ******." This is dull. It also names someone and that invariably leads to said person running off and squealing like a stuffed pig before waging war. This is very dull, too, because most people who wage wars are tiresome.

So, worship infamous bitches such as the divine & much missed Bette Davis, the ever fabulous Dorothy Parker; flex your thesaurus and use BIG WORDS to pour disdain on the heads of those things that rile you. Inform us of your favourite put-downs and one-liners from films/ tv-programmes/ commedians & writers. We shall write them down in notebooks and pretend that we thought of them first.

Be catty, be witty (if at all possible), sit yourself down on the leoprad-print chaise lounge and order a free drink from the barman. He's seen your type before. Oh yes, he knows you well.

You may begin amusing each other, now.

This community is currently open. If it becomes over-run with retards I shall change this and moderate it.