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Story time

So I went to make myself a cup of tea at work. Now, this being a small office, the only way we have to heat water is to microwave it. (I suppose I could run it through the drip coffeemaker, but that would take longer and would probably leave the water tasting like stale crappy coffee. Not exactly desirable, thanks.)

I open the microwave to put my cup of water in, and see that someone else has forgotten a cup in there. This is one of those old "carousel"-type microwaves, that has a glass plate that's supposed to rotate your food so that it heats evenly... except that it ceased rotating some time ago. Ah well, no biggie. Anyhow, I go to pick up the forgotten coffee cup to remove it from the microwave... and the entire glass plate comes up with it! It had slopped over and then been baked into the goo and filth encrusted on the plate.... bleah!

The worst part of this is that it's entirely typical of the way that our office "kitchen" is maintained -- or should I say, isn't maintained. The tables are never wiped up, and are frequently encrusted with unknown substances. The area in front of the coffeemaker is usually covered in spilled coffee and empty creamer containers, and stirring spoons are left sitting there (unrinsed even) -- it sickens me to think of someone using one of those spoons. There's always dirty dishes in the sink, if not food chunks and tea bags. I don't want to think about how old some of the crap in the refrigerator might be. (At least none of it could possibly be more than a few years old -- the fridge was replaced at that time, after the old one stopped working and was left full of ripening food for a week or two.... :P )

Now, my coworkers are (supposedly) adults. These are people who are working to support themselves, and in some cases their families. You'd think that they would be responsible people who are capable of maintaining their environment in a reasonable state. Apparently, though, if you thought that you'd be wrong. I shudder to imagine what some of their homes must be like. It's a wonder that we don't have a much higher absentee rate due to food poisoning.

This is why, despite the financial and nutritional costs, I am always getting fast food for lunch and eating it in my car. Because I really don't want to have to thoroughly clean a table every day before I sit down to lunch, and still be aware of the miasma of filth. (I wouldn't even think of not providing my own dishes/silverware, kept in my own desk and washed by myself every time I use them...) Well, that and that I don't want to have to actually talk to any of these fine specimens of humanity, but that's another rant.
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