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I need help..

Oh my god.
I never thought of myself as a hoarder..until now. Was sitting reading in my room until I saw some things lying on the floor, and tidied them away. Suddenly I found myself knee deep in rubbish from my drawers etc. I'm such a messy sod, when the Tidy Tidal Wave hits I need to just surf it out so I'm updating mid-room overhaul. If I'm meant to be moving sometime in the (hopefully) near future, I have to get ruthless and chuck a lot of stuff out. I've got loads of ex boyfriend stuff lying around for a start, and shitloads of clothes I never wear, as well as countless piles of utter junk. The only problem is I can't seem to chuck much out. I keep justifying it to myself. For example, clothes I never ever wear. I'll decide that the second I throw them out I'll get an urge to wear it the week after. If its an item thats too big, I'll think "I may put on loads of weight one day and need it", and if its too small, "I might get thinner and wanna wear it." So I stay with a wardrobe full of rank clothing gathering dust. Then theres the junk. Its all technically useful stuff like drawers full of Prit-Sticks, staplers, packs of Anadin or Synex, nail polish, a thousand or a million contact lens cases, more pens than you'd need to open a Pauline's Pens Factory, and lots of extremely inane shit. I can't throw any of this out. Rationally I know theres never likely to be some kind of dire emergancy where I will only be saved by my stash of Girlie Tape, or my dust covered packs of Strepsils, and even if I did I can just buy more. I realise this is an utterly dull and pointless rant but I'm trying to motivate myself to PURGE all this inane junk from my room-I don't have the space.
I'll say all this to myself, then refuse to throw out some cruddy old pack of staples. Argh!!
Deep breaths. Purge...purge....purge.....
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