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Oh really...

So you've made a hairpiece which is "mad and scary". Oh really...

Just how is it mad, or scary? Does it have a psychological disorder? Has it recently declared it's adoration for both "Take That" and Bananarama, comparing their musical qualities and how the sound of their singing, together, soothes their, what, hair?

And scarey? Does it jump at you and shout boo? Or display grotesque images which would make even the most hardened goth shudder? Perhaps it is known to have amazing powers of persuasion which convinces people into wearing powder blue velour tracksuits.

I'm sorry, but just FUCK OFF!


You've not gone?

You want me to actually BUY your piece of shit?

It'll "make me stand out of the crowd" will it? Oh really...

It's so unique and unlike anything anyone has ever seen that people will be stopping dead in their tracks to adore and worship my hair.

Right. So that's why you've made three sets, just in different colour combinations. Really bloody unique then. And on the point or being original? It looks just like any other bloody set of dreads/plastic/wool hairpieces I've ever seen.

What's this?

You're so good at this that you're opening a store?

I give in.
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