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Words of Wisdom?

My [late] great, great Aunt was the bitchiest, most wonderful woman I have ever had the privillege to know. She wore fur stoles no matter what the weather and used to sit perched on a chair near the door at family gatherings. From this position she would regularly and ostentatiously check her watch and then tut loudly. This was to scare latecomers. She could do more to scewer the human soul with a curl of her lip and a raised eyebrow than a hundred venemous words.

She had also, in her time, been engaged 18 times (and kept all the rings), worked as a fan dancer and ran away to join the circus. She happened to very closely resemble Louise Brooks in old pictures of her - no wonder she was enagaged 18 times! I was utterly enraptured by her and miss her very much. She's the only member of my family who I got on well with.

Anyway, apropos of nothing, she once whispered some words of advice to me that I assumed she had made up but which I recently heard again on some radio programme (which made me remember what she'd said). The words of advice, which I found rather shocking being as I was about 12 or 13 when she told me, were the following:

A man, my dear, is much like linoleum: Lay it right the first time and you can spend the rest of your life walking over it.

She was only tiny and used to dye her hair black until she died, aged 99. She had a laugh like a gutter being dredged. Goodness, I do miss her.

R.I.P Auntie Anne - I am attempting to carry your mantle :)
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