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Hissy Fits

Now I am all for a fabulous strop of titanic proportions now and again, but really, if you can't do it properly you shouldn't bother at all.

People who come under the heading of Tedious #5,978:

~ Those who decide to vent their wrath and shake their fist at the Gods by..... deleting their Live Journal. Gasp! Surely... surely nothing can be THAT bad? How shall the world continue turning without their turgid meanderings? If the deleted journal stayed deleted then that would be fine, but these types tend to delete/reinstate on a weekly basis. They probably saw an article about people with Bi Polar disorder in Take a Break once and now think they have It. They don't, they are just attention-seeking dullards.

Usually the 'last' post is written along the lines of: "Nobody loves me and I am oh so sad, goodbye cruel LJ World. Forever!"

But it's not forever, oh no. Two days (max) later, up they pop again with an "I'm okay now so have undeleted my LJ" post. Well thank the lord for that, eh? I, for one, cannot sleep at night for worrying about such things.

The deleted and then hastily reinstated Live Journal is the cyber equivalent of a pouty teenager running to their room and slamming the door, then coming downstairs 10 minutes later to ask for cheese on toast. Why not do something really dramatic like, oh I don't know, screwing up some paper and throwing it at your teddies?

Delete your Live Journals if you will, we can't stop you, but shall we try to retain a sense of dignity and limit it to once a month or something? Thank you so much.

This post has been brought to you by the Get a Fucking Grip Co.
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